Freizeitland Geiselwind

101_1850In August 2006, we took a day trip to a small amusement park called Freizeitland Geiselwind. Lying at the edge of the Steigerwald Nature Park, Freizeitland is one of the most popular destinations in South Germany. It lies right beside the autobahn that runs between Wuerzburg and Nurnberg. It was a favorite destination for Cindi when she was little so we had to take the whole crew.

One interesting thing about this park is that it is half zoo and half amusement park. The zoo portion of the park has many smaller animals, many birds, and a petting zoo. In the center is a playground and the park makes it a point to include lots of things for the little ones to do.

More up-to-date pictures are available on their web site.