Turks and Caicos – The First Time

In 2014, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we treated ourselves to a Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Pride. It was a lot of fun and we saw and experienced some beautiful sites during our port calls. We absolutely fell in love with the warm crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos. The little bits of island culture we met were fascinating and we longed to spend more time at the stops and less time on the ship.

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We knew we wanted to go back to the islands at some point but figured it was way out of our budgeting abilities. Wow! Were we wrong! Not only is travel to the Caribbean affordable, it’s among the most affordable destinations for Americans along the East Coast.

Getting There
Access to this island nation is available both via airplane or boat.

Most flights from the US and Europe go directly to Providenciales. If your stay is on another island, you’ll need to catch a connecting flight on the inter-island airline or hop on a ferry.

We started our getaway on Saturday evening with the 3 hour drive to Charlotte, NC. We were able to knock several hundred dollars off the flights by driving down there rather than flying from Roanoke. Early Sunday morning we were off to get through the TSA lines at the airport and aboard one of several flights that American Airlines runs to Providenciales each weekend.


Providenciales (or “Provo” as it is commonly called), is the main island in the country of Turks and Caicos and serves as one of the most popular tourist areas.

We stayed at a lovely little resort in the middle of the island called One on Marlin. This is an adults only resort that is super quiet and out of the way.

Getting Around
There are plenty of ways to get around on the island. Scooter and bicycle rentals are common if you want to stay near the beach and tourist areas. We’ve always rented a car when we are there so we can come and go as we please – we even put together an article on a sister site about what to expect when driving in Turks and Caicos.

The crew at One on Marlin were awesome. They were always making sure our rooms were well stocked, clean, and responding to minor annoyances like power outages. They even provided an AppleTV with the TV so we could binge on Netflix on the big screen in the event of inclement weather or our “down” days.

We spent a week on the island. We spent it soaking up the local culture, eating tasty food, snorkeling, and basically just unwinding and relaxing. We didn’t have an agenda and avoided all the typical tourist things. The photos here are just a small subset of all the shots we took. We located a reef about 80 feet offshore from the beach that was teeming with fish, rays, and turtles. We got a few pictures of the fish and rays. We were so busy enjoying the experience of swimming with a sea turtle that we didn’t capture it on film.

It was definitely a trip worth repeating – and we have!